A frame adds instant appeal and importance to any piece of art. But all those lonely frames in your craft closet don’t have to wait for traditional posters and photos. Check out these unique picture frame ideas to liven up your space:

DIY Rustic Framed Map by Bless'er House

1: Maps

Got a special place you love to visit? Turn it into a piece of wall art with a beautiful map print. It can be a map of a city, a theme park, your alma mater, or even a zoomed-out view of your favorite road trip. We love this DIY version by Bless'er House!

Frame Handwritten Notecards

2: Handwritten Notes

The value of a handwritten note only grows over time. Treat it like the one-of-a-kind piece of art that it is by framing and preserving it.

3: Fabric

Fabric is a powerful tool for adding color, depth, or texture to any room. Most people choose throw pillows or blankets to do the trick. But if you find a perfect pattern, you can also add it to your walls. Fabric is one of the cheapest ways to dress up a space if you use it in a frame. It takes very little fabric to do this, not to mention very little effort. Check out this great guide from The Spruce.

4: Our State Prints

If you’re proud of where you live and want to add a little state spirit to your home, our State Prints are a match made in heaven. This unique picture frame idea gives you instant art that’s beautiful and personal. Plus, the colorful array suits just about any decor.

5: Souvenirs

From plane tickets to concert tickets, coasters to stickers, pay tribute to a life well lived. Share your adventures in your own private collection of framed art. Every frame tells a story unlike any other! We love these tips from Primer Magazine!

6: Puzzles

Puzzles come a range of beautiful prints and sizes. And let’s face it, you probably spent hours trying to piece it together. Why not preserve all your hard work with some puzzle glue and a nice frame? At a minimum, it will be a testament to your patience. Check out this Puzzle Framing guide form Frame It Easy.

7: Dried Flowers

From special holidays to “just because” occasions, flowers can be the gift that keeps giving. Hang a single flower or bouquet upside down to dry them, then press them into a frame for instant wall art. It not only preserves the flower, but also the special moment you received it! We love these wonderful tips from MyDomaine.

8: Sheet Music

Everyone has a special song that means something to them. Even if you can’t read a single note of music, framed sheet music lets you share your song with everyone who sees it. Check out these beautiful ideas from SarahJoyBlog.

9: Our Dog Series Prints

Got a favorite canine? Our Dog Series prints are the ideal print for animal lovers. Artfully designed to represent some of the most popular breeds, you’ll get a beautiful print of a pup that you love with all your heart. 

10: A Special Postcard

A postcard is the perfect pick-me-up! It means someone thought of you enough to let you share in their travels. Holding onto that moment requires nothing more than a frame! Read this guide by SwoonWorthy.

Display these unique picture frame ideas in your home for all to see and share a new side of your personality!

April 04, 2022 — Amanda Klein

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