When we talk about gifting, we’re not just talking about hostess, wedding, and birthday gifts.  We are also talking about gifts for yourself!  As any Parks and Recreation fan knows, you need to, “Treat. Yo’. Self.”  We’ve come up with a list of our favorite ideas for treating yourself or anyone else you may want to delight.

Ode to the Coast

At some point in our lives we all seem to be asked the classic question, “Beach or mountains?”  If you are one of those folks who emphatically answers, “Beach!” - then our Coastal Decor collection is perfect for you!  Whether you want to add some themed decor to your beach house, or you just want to surround yourself at home with reminders of your happy place, our seaside selections will surely fit the bill.  

One of our favorite ways to gift is by wrapping a special item in a flour sack towel - it’s eye-catching, sustainable, and a gift in and of itself.  Try wrapping a bottle of crisp, refreshing white wine in one of our Blue Crab or Anchor towels, or perhaps a fruity, red sangria in our Lobster/Crawfish towel.

Our coastal collection also includes pillows, notecards, prints, and waterproof stickers.  In addition, we’ve gradually been adding new designs to this collection including a fish and an alligator.  Let us know which coastal creature or symbol is your favorite!


Lemonade (+More) Stand 

What better way to enjoy the long, hot days of summer than with a cool drink?  We think our fruit collection is the perfect opportunity to create a unique and thoughtful gift that will quench anyone’s thirst.  Not only can you put together everything to make a delicious batch of lemonade, you can include some of our other fruity designs for an even more colorful and delicious gift.  You'll be the hero of any gathering if you show up with a lemon-themed gift, sure to get your mouth watering.  Keep scrolling for our recipe for Sparkling Lemonade, or click here to see how we put this gift jar together!


Herbal Essences

Summer is peak gardening season and whether you are an amateur or an expert chef, fresh herbs always add an extra flair to many savory (and sometimes sweet) dishes.  Not only are fresh herbs bursting with lively flavors, they are beautiful in their vibrant colors and textures.  If you or someone you know loves to use fresh herbs or would like to start, consider putting together a special gift with our exquisite Herb Flour Sack towel.  We recommend wrapping some rustic wooden spoons along with a bundle of fresh herbs, tied with a cloth or burlap ribbon.

Although there is something to love about every season, summer always seems to be the most fleeting.  Our coastal-themed items are the perfect way to treat yo' self, celebrate the long, lazy days of summer, and keep you in the summertime frame of mind all year round.


April's Favorite Sparkling Lemonade

  • 1 cup simple syrup
  • 4 cups cold water
  • 1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
  • 375 ml bottle chilled sparkling wine (such as Cava or Prosecco)
  • Sliced lemons or strawberries for garnish

Combine and enjoy!


July 09, 2023 — April Moate


Susan Foster said:

Can I get the recipe from Instagram for the Lemon Champagne Punch. It’s different from this post. Thanks such a cute idea! Thinking about it for my granddaughter’s house warming party! Thanks!

Anna Y Beahon said:

Absolutely LOVE everything I’ve ordered from you – as have the folks who have received some of them!💕

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