By April Moate

If you're like us we have had an especially cold winter, and I think it’s safe to say that we are all more than ready for brighter days!  As we get closer to Spring and prepare to come out of hibernation, we are likely to find ourselves being a bit more social - birthday parties, baby showers, dinner parties, etc.  If you are like me, then you hate to show up empty-handed, especially at any get-together at someone’s home.  Even if I’m just visiting a friend or even my mom, I love to bring gifts!  Lucky for me, I work in a place where I have easy access to beautiful, unique gifts.  Lucky for you, you have easy access to them as well!

Not only do Amanda Klein Co. products make great host or hostess gifts in their own right, we have come up with several fun and creative ways to make our products even more fun and special.  Keep scrolling to see some of our suggestions!

Lemon wrapped cards




Want to keep it simple?  Our note cards are ready to gift!  Make them even more special by wrapping them in one of our colorful flour sack towels




Bottle with towel





 Bringing wine to a dinner party?  Personalize it by wrapping your gift in a flour sack print that you know your host or hostess would love. 





State prints bedroom                     
Visiting someone who likes to travel? Help your host or hostess tell their story with art!  A grouping of state prints makes a great display.






state and animal print                       
Have a friend who is missing their home state?  Match a state print, notecards, sticker, or towel with a 
coordinating animal.





We hope some of these ideas can make your life a bit easier when attending a get-together or visiting a friend.  We truly appreciate the support of all of our customers!

With love and gratitude,

April & the entire Amanda Klein Co. Team


February 14, 2023 — April Moate


Judi McKetta said:

I love the note cards and ordered many for presents for my family and friends. I got a darling canvas bee bag with my last order and hope I can get a few more to spread the pleasure.

Linda Welling said:

Amanda, this is a sweet and so full of good and unique ideas! I love your uniqueness and your creativity. Congratulations on your growing business!


Anne Maner said:

Great ideas! Great post!

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