Summer is officially here and whether you are dreaming of the beach, living at the beach, or just visiting your favorite beach, we have all kinds of Amanda Klein designs to celebrate your passion. Introducing our Coastal Collection!  Some of these items have been around for awhile but some of them are entirely new.  Keep reading to find out everything we have for all you beachcombers out there.

Our most popular design, the Blue Crab, has been adorning the walls of many a beach house since we first introduced it almost two years ago.  Vibrant and graceful, this critter can brighten up any room, even if you’re landlocked and you just want something to remind you of your favorite place.  Create a perfect scene by grouping several of our art prints together such as the Blue Crab, the Anchor, and the Fish.

Sure to be new favorites, we are bringing some of the largest sea dwellers straight to your home - meet the Manatee, the Orca, and the Octopus!  These mammoth creatures have been lovingly rendered in watercolor and ink and are available in a variety of our signature products.

If getting in the water just isn’t your thing but you still love the beach for the warm ocean breezes and the sound of the crashing waves, treat yourself to something closer to the sand like the Flamingo and the Seashell prints.

Perhaps the coastal marshes are more your cup of tea?  Just for you we have the Alligator and the Crawfish.  Bonus - our Crawfish doubles as a Lobster (other than size, we can’t tell the difference)!

Last but not least, we have included some graceful gliders in our Coastal Collection with the Sea Turtle and our brand-new Jellyfish!  Each miraculous in their own way, we think they are the perfect reminder of the peace and serenity we all sometimes crave.

Once again, we are over the moon (and sea!) for our newest collection.  We hope you love these ocean ambassadors as much as we do.  Thank you all so very much for your support.  We couldn’t do it without our amazing customers and we truly appreciate each and every one of you!

June 22, 2024 — April Moate
Tags: Coastal


Martha Thomas said:

Delightful year-round !!! I grew up on the Atlantic and later in New Orleans, and the sea turtles makes me homesick; blue crabs remind me of my beloved husband, Perry, who left this earth almost 3-years ago, and he clean and eat a blue crab faster than anyone I have ever known❤️. Your God-given talent is a breath of fresh air ❣️

Deborah said:

Please do a coastal tote bag!

Elizabeth Volski said:

Hello Amanda,
Your Coastal Collection artwork is bright and whimsical. It inspires in me the feelings of a cool breeze, the warm sand, and the rhythm of the sea as the waves roll onto the shore. Being from Maryland, the methodical picking and eating of blue crabs with friends, family and a beer signal the start of summer.
Hint hint – I will be ordering (you guessed it) the Blue Crab artwork. There is a perfect spot where it will be seen often throughout the day. Thank you for sharing your talent!!

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