JUNE: Behind-the-Scenes in our Studio! 🎨

What were we up to in June? See all the Amanda Klein Co. Studio behind-the-scenes things here!
JUNE: Behind-the-Scenes in our Studio! 🎨

I've heard so many times that small-business is like a rollercoaster, full of constant ups and downs. It doesn't ever get easier, you just learn to navigate the course. June was fabulous and exhausting. And July might be just as crazy. 

We spent much of June preparing for Dallas Market (pictured above) and Atlanta Market (happening next week). Each show requires a ton of prep work -- from designing our booth to prepping product to creating sales sheets to booking travel and doing allllllllll the mom things in between, Tori and I are still kinda exhausted. We love it though. It's the kindness of our customers and love from our families that keep us going strong. 

See a video of our Dallas Market booth setup, here! 
Ever wonder what your favorite brick-and-mortar goes through to bring you your favorite product? Watch my video from Dallas Market, here.

Our flour sack towels have continued to be a big hit! We're currently sold out of a lot of designs but will be fully restocked in August with several new designs being released then too (sneak peak below!)! Yay! 

We're beyond thankful to now be in over 400 stores nationwide (it truly blows our mind!). Small-business is so important to our USA economy -- we appreciate each and every purchase that is made, and we can assure you your local brick-and-mortar store will too. 

What else is going on? Lots of lots of loving on our families and trying to soak in all that's left of this Alabama summer. 💛



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