One of the questions we're asked most often is "How can I frame my state art print by myself?". We have so many folks purchase all the states they have lived in, traveled to, or states that hold a significant meaning to them--and understandably, they do not want to have the expense of taking multiple prints to a professional frame shop. 

The good news is that all of our prints are the standard frame sizes of 5" x 7", 8" x 10", and 11" x 14", which means that you can find a frame you love and most major retailers! The one we used for this tutorial came from Michaels. (View our blog post, here, for more framing suggestions!)    

I wanted to frame an 8" x 10" Alabama print with a mat, which is why I selected a pre-matted 11" x 14" frame. Make sure to always check the packaging to see the frame size with a mat and without a mat. This frame fits an 11" x 14" print without a mat or a 8" x 10" print with a mat. 

(1) Make sure to inspect the glass & frame edges to ensure there isn't any smudges that need to be cleaned prior to framing. I usually check both the inside and outside of the glass and use traditional glass cleaner if cleaning is needed. 

(2) Once you're happy with the way the frame & glass looks, open it up!

(3) Remove any packaging from the inside of the frame.
(4) I usually place the print inside the frame without the backing, then move the print around until I am happy with the placement. 
(5) Once you're happy with where the print is, use an acid-free tape to tape the corners of the print (like pictured). An acid free masking tape works great (check out this brand), I often use an acid free artist tape as I keep lots of it around for art making. 
(6) Secure the backing, and you're done! 
The Alabama artwork featured here includes the state flower as well as locally found wildflowers. We have all 50 states available for purchase, see the entire collection here. 
August 07, 2023 — Amanda Klein

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