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Many of my customers purchase multiple prints as they want to create a visual to remind them of their family story: to tell the story of where they have lived, to tell the story of where they and their children currently live, to tell the story of their journey as a military family, or to tell the story of their favorite family vacations. For many various reasons, hearing folks use this artwork to display special memories in their home makes us all gratefully tearful. 

One of the most common questions I receive is how to create a gallery wall, especially when some of the states are oriented vertically and others horizontally. Don't let different orientations shy you away: mixing up orientation just makes things visually appealing!

We want everyone to love their space so we created a list of common questions, a step by step guide, as well as a downloadable Gallery Wall Idea template. 


- Can I mix and match vertical and horizontal prints? And different sizes? YES! We actually encourage that! 25 of our USA Prints & Territories are horizontal and 27 are vertical ... if you're someone who has lived in various states, you'll probably have a mixture of the two! Never let this keep you from creating your dream wall, we promise it makes things more interesting (don't believe us? Scroll up and check out the photo! We also offer all states as a 5" x 7", 8" x 10" and 11" x 14".

- Where should I put a gallery wall in my home? We usually recommend and area that has a decent amount of space like over a bed, over a buffet or behind a dining room table, or a large blank wall, etc. 

- But what about a small space --- like a bathroom wall? Many many folks purchase the 5" x 7" prints for just that (that's actually why we added that size!). 

- What frames should I use? This is probably my most asked question and my answer is always the same: whatever frame YOU love, whatever frame will make YOU happy. Here's the thing: all of our fine art prints (animals/states/floral) are colorful, you can easily use black, white, gold, silver, natural wood, add a mat, add a color mat, or use no mat at all! I am such a fan of folks creating a space that makes them happy and brings them peace, and this often means going with what YOU love. 

 STEP 1: Pick your art! 

Do not shy away from using different forms of artwork -- state prints can be paired with the print of a painting you love, a greeting card that meant so much to you, concert tickets or a special photo or even a beautiful fabric cutout. Although most of my customers frame just the states together, please know that framing various forms of artwork together is equally beautiful! 

 STEP 2: Find Your Frames

There are so many frame choices! The truth is that I have seen folks frame my prints a hundred different ways, and you know what? I love all of them. Much like your choices in artwork that you hang in your home, the frames are personal choices as well. What style do you typically gravitate towards when decorating your space? Minimalist? Ornate? Colorful? Modern? Frame your art in your style. All of my work is colorful, so you can't go wrong with whatever frame and mat combo (or no mat!) you choose!

STEP 3: Choose a layout

This can be fun -- do not let it intimidate you! We've included a downloadable PDF with various ideas - but do what you feel works best for YOU and your space!

PRO TIP: An easy way to get a real-life feel for how your new gallery wall will look in your space is to trace your framed print onto a large piece of paper or cardboard. Once your frame has been traced use scissors to cut out the outline on the paper then use painters tape to attach them to your wall in the exact spot you intend to hang the actual frame. I like to actually leave the paper or cardboard up for a few days to make sure I like the layout (always check the manufacturing info on the tape to make sure it will not damage your wall!). 

>>  View our downloadable Gallery Wall Template Ideas here  <<
Gallery Wall Ideas Template Downloadable


STEP 4: Create your new gallery wall!

Your artwork has been curated and framed, you've decided on a layout, and now it's time to hang your art and enjoy your newly decorated space! We would LOVE to see how you framed and arranged everything, so please share & tag us on Facebook or Instagram!

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October 05, 2021 — Amanda Klein

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