Tori with her adorable daughter!

Tori: Tori does a lil’ bit of all the things! Inventory management (it’s a lot, y’all), helping package website & wholesale orders, customer service (she is the face behind “”), creating product photos, adding plants with names to all the nook and crannies, and the only one who remembers to empty our off-brand Roomba. Tori is my right-hand woman, a fellow White Claw lover, and makes me laugh A LOT. 

Angie: Love how our boxed notecards are packaged? That is allllllll Angie. She does like 3,223,296 a week (not really, but it feels like it) and has invented notecard systems to make things smooth and organized and fast. She’s also a woman of 3,223,296 talents and might be a unicorn. 

Arc of Shelby County: ARC is a non-profit that does many different things, one of which is finding employment for folks with disabilities. We partnered with ARC in July of 2022 and LOVE working alongside this amazing team! ARC frequently does employment assessments with their participants in our warehouse – what does that mean to you? Your prints are sometimes packaged by some of the world’s most amazing folks. 

Caedon, the real boss

Caedon: He often drops into our studio to make sure mom IS working and that we are keeping our floors clean of any tiny put-in-your-mouth-things. He is also in full control of Amanda’s schedule.

Amanda: Amanda lives outside of Birmingham, Alabama with her hubby (Drew), kiddo (Caedon) and dog-child (Maggie). She’d rather be in the middle of the woods than the spa, is kinda crazy about wild animals, drinks about 12 cups of coffee a day, and loves being Caedon’s mom more than anything else in the world. She creates all the artwork for Amanda Klein Co., runs this company with deer-in-headlights look (lol), and is truly beyond grateful for this small-business ride. 
Amanda, Drew and Caedon